Traces of life

About the novel

Traces of life is a story about Orcane, a boy who is trying to find an answer to the question that troubled him all his life. Who is his father? In the absence of truth, he decides to invent his father and starts writing a story of how his parents met. One crucial day in the family’s library, he finds mother’s diary that will change his life forever. On a journey of discovering his identity, Orcane faces mother’s secrets…

Gordana Kuic

Tijana Kondic in her first novel entitled "The Traces of Life" indisputably gives the indications of a future good writer. It possesses a clear and concise sentence, its reading runs without interruption and delays as a true "novel of the river". Without effort and delay, she changes the voice of the narrator who addresses the reader from paragraph to paragraph. Dialogues are natural and reveal the atmosphere and the times in which they are located. The characters are easily discerned, although many (Orkan, who finds a diary as a boy, Tisa, Daniel, Paul, Naomi). Erotic scenes are well-processed and do not slip into cheap sex descriptions. "The Traces of Life" is a novel about growing up, about love, maturation, the search for roots in the constant search for a father, and thus the discovery of himself.

     Book is available in all Delfi bookshops in Belgrade and online.

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