Tijana Kondic standing in a line with two little girls

My first lie (2019) השקר הראשון שלי

Based on a true story

In an old and disintegrating apartment, Lenny (8) an angelic girl sitting and watching TV, she is surrounded by the love she radiates herself. She evades punishment and guilt for the first time, her first lie is made in denial and repression. Sergey, the uncle from Russia who hosts the family, the mother of Leni’s sister Leni and Lenny, gives an atmosphere of terror and exploitation. He takes charge of them all as puppets in his apartment and interrogates them. The entire family joins Sergey’s shame ceremony and accuses Lenny, who is learning what it takes to be punished for the first lie that will accompany her whole life.

Director: Sapir Ashkenazi

Writer: Sapir Ashkenazi

Stars: Tijana Kondic, Alisa Paigin