What we do

Frame Production is a new production company being established by Tijana Kondic and Vered Cohen. Tijana Kondic has successfully provided production services in Israel for an international film crew and leading TV networks from around the globe.

International production teams arrive throughout the entire year to shoot feature movies, documentaries and commercials in Israel – the country that offers monumental architecture, spectacular landscapes and a variety of cultures and ancient history. Filming in a foreign country, especially the Middle East can be challenging and complicated when one is not familiar with the language, culture, security regulations and the sensitivity of the religious locations.

Frame production provides services in Israel for the foreign crew every step of the way.

Our production service team scouts and secures the best film locations in Israel arranges film permits in Israel coordinates your entire shoot and take care of the logistics (arranging adequate transport and drivers, finding suitable hotels for your stay).

Frame production can hire top professional local film crew in Israel to support your production if needed as well as the additional film equipment in Israel. We have a respected list of DPs, assistant cameramen, soundmen, grips and gaffers, makeup artists and costume designers who have many years of experience with high-profile national and international projects. For many years, we have been working with one of the biggest equipment houses in the country and so we manage to secure equipment at the best quality for great prices as part of our production services in Israel.

 As a company specializing in production services in Israel, our goal is to ensure smooth production and the best footage possible for your project. We are fully aware of the responsibilities that come with the production services, and so we take the time to understand our client’s creative vision and needs, as well as caring for their absolute safety and security. 

As the founder of the Frame production, Tijana Kondic has provided production services in Israel for feature films, TV documentaries, and series, TV commercials, and music videos.

Feel free to contact me for any inquiries at tijanakondic@gmail.com