Tijana Kondic

The Foreigner (2012)


Inspired by true events, Foreigner is a slow-burning psychological thriller about a detective, a third generation immigrant from Serbia, played by London-born Mel Raido, who goes to Kikinda, a small town in northern Serbia, to help police solve a series of murders. What he finds on his first visit to Serbia is not the glorified land of his fathers. Instead, the investigation leads him on an emotional journey through an erstwhile pariah state still coming to terms with the fallout of conflict and sanctions. Written and directed by Dusan Tolmac this compelling story provides a fascinating perspective on a country no longer in the headlines but with its people still haunted by recent history and desperately needing to deal with issues of national and personal identity.

Director: Dusan Tolmac
Writer: Dusan Tolmac
Cast: Mel Raido, Dragan Nikolic, Verica Nedeska, Tjana Kondic, Milan Cvijatinovic.