Tijana Kondic started her film career debuted in a cult Serbian movie  Natasha, playing aleading role. In addition, this role won her the Golden Arena Award for the Best Actress at 48th Pula Film Festival, Statue of Liberty, the Golden Mimosa, and the Audience Award. She continues to engage in acting on the film, followed by titles: Boomerang, Bare Ground, Sorrow, Entropy, System, Foreigner, Name: Dobrica, Last Name: Unknown. She graduated World literature and Academic Writing from the University of Philology in Belgrade, as well as a master study on the theme The problem of freedom in the novel Brothers Karamazov by F.M. Dostoyevsky. Also, during her studies, she worked on a national television RTS as a TV host and a writer in department of culture and education of the show Stairway and a TV quiz I know I know.

In March 2018 she published her first novel Traces of Life. Besides, she is developing her first script for a feature movie called The Noise. Currently, she is working on various production projects in Tel Aviv, Israel and establishing her own company called Frame Production. The company is giving production services to all kind of projects from all over the world that want to be filmed in Israel.

Tijana Kondic is an experienced film producer and she has successfully provided production services for feature films, TV shows, TV commercials, and documentaries. In addition, creativity, professionalism, and innovation are main principles guiding her work and she is known for her integrity and loyalty to her clients. As a result, Tijana has extensive and valuable connections enabling her to open doors everywhere and find the most unique locations in Israel.